An interesting conundrum

So as many of you know, I am a hereditary witch. My mother is one along with 3 aunts, many cousins, and my grandmother (although she would deny it I’ve been told). My uncle was a medium before he passed. I wonder if it’s tied to the native blood that runs through us and the connection to nature. Either way, we are what we are.


My friends know- I don’t hide what I am if the conversation comes up. One friend was telling me about experiences she’s been having, especially since moving to her new apartment. The manifestation of a spirit that’s supposed to be localized….which is rather interesting. You could argue that there must be something of the spirits near her- as that is how many such things do work. However, if we are right, then the spirit predates the last 100 years or so. ( )


The question is why a spirit would target anyone specifically in the first place. Normally one would have to wrong a spirit before it would set it’s sights on you. Having a hypothesis of the spirit, if it is innocent and has been trapped on this plane for about 190 years, then maybe the spirit has gone mad. Maybe it is just going after people from around where it was hung. Perhaps it thinks it’s targeting the descendants of the people who wronged it.

These, however, are all on the basis that this is the spirit of that man. I put this question out to any fellow witches who stumble upon this blog. What would you do? How would you deal with a malevolent spirit? I only want to use banishment as a final resort, but if I find no other way to deal with this than I have no other choice. You can email me at to retain your privacy if you so choose.



Do people write random blogs anymore?

I was sitting here on my laptop playing good old cookie jam and watching the Good Wife, and that thought just popped in to my head. I read some blogs, and granted it’s mostly about fashion and beauty, but where’s the real world stuff? The angst, the boredom, the crap?

Blogging is really just a form of diary, for people who aren’t afraid to have their words read- if anyone can find your blog in the depths of the net in the first place. It’s a nice kind of freedom really.

I find myself missing the chance to just sit down and write a few words out. On tumblr I post things sometimes hoping that the words I say might reach just one person. Lately it’s a lot of body positive things as I continue my journey, and because of that I’ve had a few of those blogs reaching out to me. It’s empowering to know that the posts resonate with someone enough for them to ask for me to submit to them.

Body positivity is hard for a lot of us. As I explain on my post, my mother was the worst for implanting this in my head. Because of this, I make sure to tell my own daughter how beautiful she is and how much I love her every day. Her hardest thing in life will be trying to put on weight. 3 years and she hasn’t gained a pound. But she’s healthy and strong- stronger than most 6 year olds. I need to over come my own body image before it affects her.

If you care to see the post, the link is at the bottom. Support body positivity and please remember how much a compliment can mean to a person.

Anyways, that’s the end of this very random post.




Sorry I’ve been gone so long. Life gets in the way of your interests quite often I find. Lately I’ve had a few interests. A youtube channel for make-up applications, a beauty product line (soaps and moisturizers) , and another blog for new Witches ( . I’m a few years older and hopefully wiser than I was.

My goal at the moment is to help a new Witch. Hopefully my Asa will be able to help me with this. Between the two of us we should hopefully be able to pull this off. I half think that if I found this too easy then I wouldn’t be doing the job right. Only time will tell. I’ve heard of this girl for years, but to meet her and talk to her…not easy. Especially as it pertains to religion, and that’s not always a comfortable discussion.

All I can do is try, and at least I know my sister-witch is right behind me. Blessed Be,



There are so many things that we lose in life; keys, wallets, money, joy, love, peace, friendships, loved ones. The feeling of loss in and of itself is a terrible feeling, and not one that humans deal with well. We freak, panic, maybe even throw a tantrum. 

On Beltane, I tried to do circle with my husband, but due to the crunching twigs beneath the feet of animals in the dark woods around us, we got freaked and lost the harmonious connection to the ritual. There’s nothing but woods and fields behind us, and so a number of animals cross our yard from time to time. On a dark night, when more than 3/4 of your yard is dark, you just don’t take chances. The point- that I lost my excitement that I had been feeling all day, lost my connection to the divine, and the result was an argument between my husband and I. Might not sound like a big deal, but my husband and I don’t fight much, and we always make up within an hour or so. We can’t stand being at odds with eachother.
The other thing I lost this week? London. Can’t contact them (the email has been disabled) and they’ve disappeared since the first of the month. The anxiety I feel over their absence is truly disruptive, I worry so much as to what’s happening in their life. London, Asa, and I share a truly connected bond; its a shame when you feel off. It actually feels like I’m missing a part of me, with London gone. I only hope that they come back. 
To try a more upbeat (?) strand of conversation, another thing I’ve lost is my pre-baby body. Hopefully that’ll be back this summer; maybe I’ll even end up better than before. I haven’t been ‘skinny’ since I was a kid, but until I had my daughter, I wasn’t too big either. My friend (for the sake of this blog I’ll refer to her as Colleen), and I are dead set on getting healthy. Another friend added us to an event on facebook called ‘3k in may, everyday!’ And so far, I’ve logged about 7 k in two days. I’ve been taking my daughter with me in the stroller, and alternating walking and (trying) to jog, after her mid-morning nap. I’ve been looking at gyms in the area -specifically ones that do yoga classes. After an hour of cardio and an hour of yoga, I feel pretty invincible; even if every pose hurt, and my damaged legs shook like a damn shake-weight. I guess the next thing is the body-by-vi (I know Asa). Colleens aunt and one of my friends sell it, and apparently its just so much nutrition, that you snack less, and of course when your body has what it needs, it will shed weight. Even my husband is going to do it with us, though where Colleen and I are going to do the vi-shape 90 day challenge, he’s just going to do the balance kit. Who knows, maybe by the end of the summer I’ll be stunning lol. I’d actually just settle for being healthier. 
Loss may be something we have to live with, but the type of loss is what matters with us. Something that’s easily replaced, or that you’ll do better without- who cares? Its a short bit of sadness until the next bit of excitement over comes it. Loss of friendship, love, or life is something that will always stay with us, no matter the time that’s passed. The only thing to do is paste a smile on your face and try not to dwell, but immerse yourself in your life and just get through one day at a time. 

Beltane pictures




Beltane (or Beltaine) basics

Today is Beltane, the festival of rebirth. It is opposite from Samhain (the festival of Death) in the calendar; traditionally it is celebrated on the first of May, though it can also be celebrated on April 30th. Wiccan’s light the Bale fire to bring blessings to their homes, and it is considered to be the 2nd most important Sabbat of the year. Traditionally, the Yule tree would be stripped and placed in storage to be used as the may pole, when ribbons of white (for the Goddess) and red (for the God) were wrapped around it. Going both low and high, the red ribbons went clockwise, while the white went counterclockwise – until the last few feet, when all dancers would move in a clockwise direction to symbolize and seal prosperity and growth for the group in the coming season.

Decorations for your altar could include hawthorn, spring greenery, holey stones (stones with natural holes formed in the middle), flowers, and the like. Women who were menstruating would pass over the fields on brooms, encouraging fertility in the land. This is not a solemn festival, but rather of feasting, laughter, and dancing. Some were known to jump the Bale fire, and then would couple in the fields to bring added prosperity. The job of the May queen was to accept many lovers in hopes of pregnancy, for a pregnant May queen was thought to be a good omen for the crops.

Many new group projects (new classes, rites, etc) are undertaken at this time. The opening and closing quarter is from the East.

                                                                 – information taken mostly from Teen Witch

For today, May 1st, 2012
Colour: Maroon
Incense: Cinnamon

Beltane Flower Charm (Llewellyn spell-a-day almanac)

Let’s use the language of flowers to celebrate Beltane! Create a little nosegay from garden flowers and make a charming bouquet as a gift for someone special today. Try roses for love, daisies for innocence, snap-dragons for protection, carnations for health, lilac for a first love, ferns for enchantment, lavender for good luck, pansies for easing the heart, host a leaves for devotion. Meadow sweet talks of a lovely bride, nigella says “kiss me quick!”. Ivy is for fidelity, tulips for royalty, peonies for beauty, sweet peas for tenderness, and verbena whispers of witchcraft.
Gather your chosen flowers and tie them together with a pretty ribbon. Attach a card if you want to explain the meaning of the blossoms. You can enchant the gift with the following verse:
‘Beltane flowers given from the heart, Are blessed with love and this witch’s art.’
                                                                                                                                      -Ellen Dugan


I know it’s been awhile since I wrote last. This month has been quite eventful. On the 2nd, my husband lost his job for the most stupid of reasons, but really, it came with no surprise since we knew the company was trying to fire him. What was surprising is how stupid they were about it, and how stupid they thought he was, that they thought they could get away with it.  Weren’t they surprised.

As a result of this, we had to move, as we had only moved there for that job. Without his pay, we wouldn’t be able to keep our apartment, and thankfully it gave us a reason to leave that monstrous building. I tried to be a good neighbour, but the woman who shared one of our walls made that very difficult, and now I’m just thankful I’ll never have to hear her shriek again. Anyways, our daughter had to live with my parents for a few weeks while we packed the house up. We managed to find a place (our old one, which is awesome) , pack everything, and moved down in a matter of only 2 weeks. I love being back here. Rent is half of what we paid there, and this is a house with our own yard. Very private, needing to go through another’s driveway to find us. Its amazing. Our next goal is to build a new house right beside this one, tear this one down, and build a garage in its place. We truly need a bigger place. I’m so excited to get a circle room when we do, a place that’s fully mine, where no one else’s energies will get in the way.

But before that can happen, I need a job. So please, if its not too much to ask, pray and ask your deity of choice to aide me in being able to support my family so that my husband can finally heal from his injury. Blessed be!

Laura’s got talent

This is my friend’s little sister. Spread the hype about this talented girl!


So, it was awesome.

We (mostly me) waited eagerly for 10 pm to come. We put a lovely mantra on my tablet to play in the background, and we dominated my kitchen (the room with the most open space) with witchy prowess.  The incense was lit, the deities called, the power surged. The feeling was, as close as I dare describe it, orgasmic. And i don’t often use that word. I felt so powerful and free.

A dear friend of or has been absent, and we tried to reach out to them in circle, but Goddess only knows if we did manage. We’ve been sending emails for about a week and a half, and are now quite worried. I pray they’re alright.

Asa, as is tradition (though unfortunately I was unaware of this), gave me a gift for us joining in circle. Its quite lovely. In return, I gave her something of mine, to link us better for circle, since we’re seperated by distance and physically being in the same space for circle is damned near impossible without a lengthy trip by one of us. We did this because we can trust each other not to abuse the gift, that I don’t have to worry about falling over because suddenly I have no energy. Wiccan gifts, which should have a piece of you in them for things like this, should not be done, or given lightly. Think hard before you give someone such a direct line to you.

I can’t wait now for the next circle


The sound comes out,
My voice is raw

Searing pain lashes from my temples,
My eyes burn with unshed tears

My heart feels like its breaking,
The pain too terrible to bear

I’m not perfect,
But who is?

All I ask is understanding,
Don’t you ask the same?

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